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Willy Wang Story: Because HIV is Everyone’s conversation.

Even within the HIV community, there are varying opinions and sometimes the topic can get extremely heated, as let’s be honest, although HIV has become a manageable disease, it’s still in our blood, and something people tend to be very opinionated or passionate about vocalizing their stance on the subject. With different laws pertaining disclosure and criminalization in different countries, there’s sure to be varying, often opposing opinions.

Perhaps it has, it’s just that when it comes to those who we’re intentionally infected by their partners, whether that be long term or short term partners, they seem to be missing from the conversation while we’re so up in arms over the state of Criminalization, at least in Canada, while it seems that we haven’t even been able to sort out a universal plan for treatment and making it availability and affordable for everyone.

The story
The story

How Did Willy Wang Story Get Started?

As for criminalization of HIV Transmission, I’m probably a tad biased and after detailing my story then you can decide for yourself what your thoughts are. And they are completely up to you, the goal of our website is not to sway your opinion about topics, each person has his/her own opinion and we totally respect that.

So let’s dive in. Willy Wang Story is rather the story of two people and two different ways of dealing with a positive diagnosis.

Up until I decided that I was going to start doing something to educated myself more about HIV and try and make it appealing and fun for others to do so as well, I spent two years carrying around this secret, and put myself through hell. I struggled with addiction, and I’m not afraid to admit that anymore.

As for Willy, say hello. You’ll find him on Grindr, Tinder, Jack’D , Hornet, Guyspy, Blued, or Wechat trying to offer kids that haven’t even finished 9th grade yet, money for a night with him. Sounds dramatic, but until you hear the Willy Wang Story, you haven’t grasped the whole situation yet.

So let’s start from the beginning, and do a full turn until we’re back here. This is real life, it’s not a joke. While I started ART the very next day after my diagnosis, Willy, however decided that for six months after, continuously he was going to not begin treatment, and that he was also not going to disclose his status to the multiple partners he was having sex with.

I’m not talking like the occasional hookup a month. I failed to see the clear signs at the beginning of the relationship, but Willy is a full blown Sex addict. It’s one guy per day at least, if not multiple, and if he can be so lucky as to attend group Sex parties wherever he may be for work in Europe, Asia , or wherever, you’ll surely find him scouting someone for the day.

During that six months not even having pursuing trying to find out what he had been up to like some super jealous spouse, more then 45 men had found my contact details and messaged me asking about his status.

None had received disclosure of status despite the fact his viral load would have been at that time untreated and contagious. The very day we had discovered our status, Willy again, found a partner for that night and continued to do so for those six months or more.

Greenconn Corporation

Greenconn Corporation, or as it’s called in Chinese, 格康電子深圳有公司 is owned by The In-Laws and my Husband. Due to upcoming divorce concerns and lack of pre-nup with our marriage, his properties have been transferred to his brother, Wally Wang.

It’s a semiconductor PCB Manufacturer with 3 locations in China, and head office here in Taipei. ( And now also just opening a new office in Toronto, Ontario through a new distributor) Along with a seperate name for inside mainland China, Aceconn.

What does Greenconn Corporation have to do with me, or Willy? 

It doesn’t.
Well, it didn’t initially until the company quickly tried to threaten legal action and sue me on the grounds that I was speaking out about what had happened to me, what had been and continued to happen for more then six months, and the ridiculousness and illegally of what happened.

At a certain point, you become numb to the heartbreak of cheating, so trust me it’s not really that anymore. After the 100th time it just gets hella annoying.
It gets hella annoying that while I face real stigma in my life and society from this disease, I was pushed into silence and fear, while Willy continued to purposely infect other men and kids despite being I complete understanding  his status.

Willys Exemption From Military Duty:

It’s annoying when I finally had even start to make positive contributions or at least I feel in spreading education and awareness about HIV theo HIV social media, while my spouse continued to live the stereotypical image of someone with HIV, that I do not plan on living with for the rest of my life.

Things clearly haven’t changed as I haven’t been able to obtain a divorce from the man, yet he now with his convinced victim really is about to move on to better things. That’s the irony really I Guess isn’t it, just opposite. HIV while living and studying abroad has near crippled my family financially, while Willy carelessly flies around the world funded by Greenconn, and knowingly exposed others to HIV for almost six months.

When those men later contacted me, furious, and rightfully so I guess, Willy would block them immediately and I would have to apologize for making him angry and always “Dwelling on the past”. The past being whatever he chooses to do and it becoming the past, that’s irrelevant within 5 minutes. At this time, I’m not sure how many men have been knowingly exposed to HIV by Willy. He had never, during the whole 6 years I’ve known him, once gone to test for HIV. Although as you can tell from the messages. He wasn’t too concerned.

The story
Willy at Yoga Instructors Class in India

I’m not suggesting everyone be criminalized for HIV. That’s ridiculous. Actually I would think my views align with that of the Canadian Coalition and I totally agree that Canada has bizarre and outdated laws that only serve to endanger the wellbeing of those living with HIV.
But what I am in disagreement with, is the select few that do “make a Bad name” for the rest of us.

I’ve never intentionally not disclosed my status. I’ve never had Sex since separating from my spouse actually just cause afterwards I felt completely disgusted and honestly scared to have Sex. But I wouldn’t attribute any of that to stigma associated with HIV.

Rather honestly, I’m angry that while I’ve spent my time to try and educate myself more about the disease in living with, nothing has been done about my spouse who not only committed crimes against children, forged a marriage for citizenship, and knowingly exposed dozens (If not hundreds, Grindr was like a buffet for Willy and probably still is) to HIV. This wasn’t like it didn’t come up, he just lied to your face and would go so far as to and has currently completely denied blood reports from the hospital that we both were diagnosed in together. The man Willys about to fly to Sydney to meet is in complete denial about it as well.

Why are you so concerned?

Your right, perhaps I shouldn’t be. It’s not my problem that hes honestly forming a relationship from a complete lie, or that if he is in denial, well we know where denial leads.. but it’s that STIGMA, is real. Frustration is as well. Frustration from the fact that no matter how “manageable” HIV has become, there are still many of us who have to finance medication without insurance and it’s a huge financial burden. At very least, it’s a huge financial burden.

The reason why I decided to make a forum for people to casually talk about HIV is because I feel that’s what honestly, we need. There’s enough agencies that are almost media coached on what to say about HIV, and I respect them, that’s what they’re there for, but this isn’t their platform.

The story
The story

HIV needs to become the Conversation of everyone. HIV needs to stop having the voices of some silenced by those who have opposing opinions of certain topics.
Stigma is real, unfortunately. For two years it’s really kept me at bay from speaking on any issues, but I’m glad that I recently came out with my status, so at least now I feel I’m able to talk about issues and not be conscious about what other people think.

To be honest with you, I don’t really care what other people think of me. My hesitation was caused by just exiting a manipulative relationship and feeling some sense of loyalty to a husband that would see me six feet under the ground before he would even address any of the things I’ve said. I don’t want to be thrown in the same box as those who purposely and systematically infect others.

And I will not have my voice silenced by those who feel it’s in the best interest of the entire community to do so in hopes that it will somehow completely erase the stigma associated with HIV.

The story
Willy Wang, far right
Willy Wang responding when told that his actions of sleeping with a minor in China would be reported to Canadian Government under laws prohibiting sex trafficking of minors. Willy is not responsible nor fears any repercussions for his actions, especially infecting young children in China with HIV unknowingly.
Willy Wang responding when told that his actions of sleeping with a minor in China would be reported to Canadian Government under laws prohibiting sex trafficking of minors. Willy is not responsible nor fears any repercussions for his actions, especially infecting young children in China with HIV unknowingly.

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